Freedom of Currency is a Human Right

Bancor Foundation empowers any individual or community to benefit from blockchain technology and increase human collaboration.

Bancor Enables the Liquidity of Every Currency

Through lowering the barriers to entry of what is required to create and utilize a new currency, Bancor allows the long-tail of tokens to emerge and thrive, embracing a free and open liquidity infrastructure. The Bancor Protocol gives people and communities easy ways to create currencies that are automatically liquid and thus instantly connected to the global economy.

Bancor: A Global Network of Local Economies

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Liquidity Is Essential


Token convertability regardless of market demand


Any currency can join the network


Public, non-profit blockchain infrastructure


Distributed architecture


Add any currency to the network in a few steps


Local economies with world-wide reach

The New Money is Free

Bancor offers liquidity-as-a-service: non-profit infrastructure that enables the liquidity of any currency, regardless of trade volume. This allows any community, no matter its size, to connect to the global economy and share its unique value.

Public Blockchain Infrastructure

Bancor Foundation’s technology was created to be public infrastructure for the easy, free and fair convertibility of any digital asset globally. The Bancor Protocol spans across blockchains and does not require centralized custody of any asset in the network. Developers worldwide can utilize Bancor’s Protocol, smart contracts and APIs to build applications which benefit from seamless, affordable liquidity between a growing network of tokens. 

Community Currencies & Monetary Equality

Bancor Foundation’s economic vision for the future is one where community currencies thrive, connected to each other and the global economy, and they enable greater, more diverse wealth and value creation without reliance on aid or third-parties. Bancor brings the power of blockchain technology to the rich history of community, complementary and alternative currencies, all over the world.