Foundation Initiatives

The Bancor Foundation supports activities that build upon its vision to bring free and fair economies to life via adoption of the Bancor Protocol. This includes a grant program for developers to build on Bancor Protocol, community currency pilots, market education, research and social impact programming.

Developer Program

Bancor runs developer grants, training and incentive programs to encourage developers and organizations to increase adoption of the Bancor Protocol and grow the Bancor Network by building applications and services across Bancor’s smart contract infrastructure.

The Omni Mount Washington hotel, site of the 1944 historic Bretton Woods conference and Bretton Woods 75.

Bretton Woods 75 РReimagining the Global Economy 

Named in honor of the seminal Bretton Woods conference that was held in 1944 to design a monetary system for the post World War II era, Bretton Woods 75 brought together experts across disciplines to examine the original monetary policy frameworks and their implications today. This gathering unites a highly curated and diverse group of economists, authors, technologists, policy makers, scientists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and activists to understand and challenge conceptions of our global economy for an era of technology and inclusion.

Blockchain for Social Impact

Bancor is an active leader in raising awareness and supporting initiatives at the intersection of blockchain and social impact. In addition to its flagship community currency projects, the Foundation participates in events that unite industry leaders around empowering access to the benefits of blockchain technology worldwide. Bancor regularly sponsors hackathons, provides best practice educational sessions, public speaking engagements, and mentors social impact and blockchain entrepreneurs. Like many things, progress truly takes a village.

Galia Benartzi, co-founder of the Bancor Protocol, speaking at the United Nations World Investment Forum, October, 2018.

Community Currency Pilots

Bancor Protocol was founded on the belief that “small is beautiful” and that community currencies hold tremendous potential to increase human collaboration and unlock wealth creation. In pursuit of testing this vision, Bancor Foundation partners with NGOs and impact-implementors who utilize Bancor’s technology and know-how to launch, manage and experiment with local currencies. Working with our first implementor, Grassroots Economics, we have launched over 9 community currencies in different models across both rural and urban communities.

Papers and Research

Bancor partners with leading academic researchers who are interested in exploring and evaluating the potential of community currencies, local wealth creation, and innovative monetary expansion. Transaction data from our community currency pilots forms the baseline of groundbreaking research in this field. Are you a researcher interested in cryptocurrency and financial inclusion? We look forward to supporting your work with ours.