Connecting All Currencies

to the Global Economy

What is the Bancor Protocol?

The Bancor Protocol introduces a new standard for the creation and conversion of blockchain-based currencies. Through this common language, integrated currencies can always be converted for one another without needing a counterparty to do so.

What is a Protocol?

An Internet protocol (such as Bancor’s) is designed to create a global standard for data transfer with the goal of mass user adoption and thus maximum utility and benefit.

How Does The Bancor Protocol Enable a New Economy?


Currencies are primarily issued by nations. In order to be liquid and tradeable, a currency must have significant demand and trade volume on secondary markets. Because currencies usually need substantial volume of buyers and sellers, new ones frequently fail to gain adoption because they are illiquid and disconnected from the economy.

Today & Tomorrow

Using blockchain, any individual or community can now issue a token. The Bancor Protocol is an open-source global standard which allows them to be liquid to others regardless of trade volume or secondary markets. They can be bought and sold using automated smart contracts which adjust their prices based on demand and supply. New currencies can thrive because they are both liquid and connected to the global economy. Bancor Protocol makes automated liquidity a public good.

How do we get there?

Create a Currency

Bancor lowers the technical barrier to creating new currencies on the blockchain. Anyone with an internet connection can compose and customize their own token.

Ensure Liquidity

Bancor-powered tokens are intrinsically liquid. They can be instantly converted at algorithmically-determined rates without a counterparty or an intermediary.

Collaborate & Unlock Value

Commerce and collaboration occurs autonomously and securely via Bancor, creating new monetary links across local and global networks.

Live Projects Powered by Bancor Protocol

Bancor Liquidity Network

More than 150 liquidity providers serve as nodes in the world’s first and largest decentralized liquidity network — having processed nearly $2 billion in token conversions since 2017.

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Sarafu Network

9 community currencies have been deployed in marginalized communities across Kenya, used to pay for basic needs such as food, water and housing. Since launching in August 2018, thousands of small businesses have been onboarded.

Token Applications

Bancor is integrated across a wide variety of ecosystems and consumer use-cases, including gaming, social networks and decentralized finance products (DeFi).

Bancor Protocol White Paper

Originally published in 2017, Bancor Protocol’s whitepaper inspired a new generation of automated liquidity and an incredible diversity of token configurations and use cases. Bancor’s peer-to-contract vision has been widely adopted across leading blockchain projects across the globe, demonstrating the utility of this innovation.


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